Where are the prophets in Essex, the word of the Lord appears to be near? Who is ensuring the lamp remains lit, and what does truth look like in our communities today?

The NLCCV prophetic voice team aims to raise up an authentic and impactful prophetic voice in NLCCV and in the Essex region to ensure the lamp remains lit, and that the truth is modelled in our communities. To bring God’s light and truth that to the dark areas we serve, and to actively promote and model the  image and spirit of Jesus to a world held captive by the darkness of lies, and to a morality that is shaped by the dominant culture of today.

What to expect in the near future?

This portfolio is embryonic and in the early stages, but we intend to establish a recognised prophetic function in NLCCV and beyond.

This portfolio will have three streams of prophetic activity:


School of Prophets

– We will cultivate an environment that recognises the prophetic gifts, activate the prophetic in all ministry areas in and beyond the church. This will include developing and running prophetic training courses. The first course for the School of Prophets, has been launched in April of 2023.


NLCCV Prophetic Voice

– Will become a known as the moral standard bearers and representatives of the truth in the Crouch Valley region and beyond by September of 2024.

The Prophetic Voice will use all forms of media to communicate the Word of the Lord.


NLCCV’s Prophetic Response

– Initiate responses/projects, that promotes how to respond to the challenges of our times, in ways that reveal the character and nature of the Saviour of this world, Jesus Christ.

Prophetic responses could be initiatives or projects inspired by the Word of the Lord, to the church or Essex community, we are called to be witnesses to. Examples are LOVE ESSEX. Agabus warning of famine, the believers providing for other local churches, Noah warning of God’s intent to flood the earth, and then building and ark to survive that flood.


Prophetic Voice Core Team

The NLCCV prophetic voice core team is a small group, full of the Spirit, are collaborating and laying the seeds for the:

Plans to launch the prophetic school –  to create a prophetic culture in NLCCV and beyond, this will involve working with the Watchmen.

Plans to launch the prophetic voice – setting the moral standard in the Crouch Valley region, and beyond. The prophetic voice will bring light and truth.

Plans to launch the prophetic response – startup community projects that are God’s answer for the Crouch Valley Region.


For more information:

Email: SotP@newlife-church.org.uk